How to find your best match from over 2000 Hair removal salons & clinics

Every girl has once stressed over shaving body hair.


Have you ever experienced something like this?

1. Shaving your hair everyday can take time
2. You can’t shave parts that you can’t reach
3. Even if you shave, the pores can stand out

These things are what all girls are stressed over about body hair.

This chart shows you what girls worry about shaving body hair.


Citation:Popular Japanese beauty website

Every girl has probably thought of these problems.

You probably heard of “hair removal salons” or “hair removal clinics”


There are so many places in Japan you might get confused on which is the best place for you and which sources you can trust.

Most people might give up on hair removals because of how confusing it is.


For girls who are confused, we have a solution for you!

There is an account on the messaging app LINE that will help you find the perfect match for you!

This LINE account will provide you

1. Only accurate information
2. Search throughly to give you the best match

This is a LINE account that will find you the best option using only accurate information.
Which is called “Hair Removal Concierge”


This Hair Removal Concierge has the most data collected from all hair removal salons and clinics in Japan.

From all the information that is collected, it will find a salon/clinic that is best for each person. It will also provide the salons/clinics that match you in an inexpensive order.

When you search this on your own, it will not only take time but it is hard to find affordable places just by looking at each websites.

Hair Removal Concierge will not only give you the most inexpensive good salons/clinics but it also gives you the best deal that is in your area.

In other words it will find,

-what type of hair removal you want to do (Salon removal or Clinic removal)
-what part do you want your hair removal done (all or selected parts only such as arm, legs, back and etc…)
-what type of machine you prefer
-what type of payment option you prefer
-what area you want to go

and from the list above it will find you the most reasonable place for you!

It might sound like a lot to think and to do but you just need to answer the questions that the LINE account Hair Removal Concierge gives you.

If you do all this on your own it will take about 2 to 3 days to collect and compare all the informations.

This Hair Removal Concierge will do all that work in only 3 minutes!!
And it will compare from all salons and clinics in Japan with all information so it is able to provide you ONLY true information.


There are websites and services that do this but it usually has secret deals between salons and clinics.

For example they might only show salons/clinics that have a deal with that website or service. Another example is that they make the salon/clinic that pays the website or service the most for the No.1 salon/clinic in rankings.

Aren’t you concerned about how they give false data to make money?

Hair Removal Concierge thinks the customers first and to only give true data for customers to have the best experience with hair removal salon search.

I was also thinking about getting my hair removal done so I tried it.


It explained to me things I never knew about hair removals which was very helpful.


Like the video above, it is so simple, easy and quick!!
It really only took about a minute!
I usually only collected data from advertisements on the train so this was useful and showed me the most reasonable place for me!

And it also includes information that most people forget but important,

-is shaving included or extra fee
-when is the deadline to cancel your reservation for emergencies
-how often can you go to get your hair removal done

It includes all those data which is really useful as well!

I highly recommend you to try this out!

Usually account like this has a lot of notifications but not this one!
You can add the LINE account down here!

Hair Removal Concierge
👇Find your perfect match👇

It is never early to start! Go ahead and add the account!