How should I pay? -Full cash payment method-


After you decide where to get your hair removal done, you need to think about the Payment method.
Here we will mostly talk about Full cash payment and it’s pros and cons.

What is “Full cash payment”?

Full cash payment is as it says in the word,
don’t pay in loans and to pay full price in cash the day you sign the contract.


⭕️There will be no interests added so the full price will be cheaper than paying in loans.
⭕️You can start you hair removal treatment that day.
⭕️There will be no monthly payment.


❌You would have to decide where you will sign the contract and what plan you want to do.
❌If you are doing full body hair removal, you will have to carry a lot of money in cash.
❌It is not safe to carry a lot fo cash.

Best for people like this…

  • Want the full price to be the cheapest.
  • Don’t want to worry about the monthly payment.


I paid in full cash payment. If i paid in loans the interest will be added so it will be 30,000yen to 50,000yen more expensive.
Telling that I had cash will me to the staff made it really smooth to sign the contract because they didn’t worry about soliciting me.
It was a big purchase but after that I didn’t have to worry about anything so I am glad I paid in full cash payment method.

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