What does a minor need to sign the hair removal contract?


When I was 18 years old, I saw an advertisement that said “Full body hair removal for only 100yen!!”.
I thought I cannot miss this chance so I booked a counsel session as a high school student.🎓

However, the day I went for the counsel they told me,
“You need your parents permission to do the treatment.”

Even though it was only a 100yen plan I had to get my parents permission, so that day I went back home…😭

I ended up missing the chance to do the treatment with only 100yen because I was embarrassed to tell my parents that I want my hair removal done.

To go straight to the bottom line, a minor NEEDS permission from their parents to get their hair removal done.

“How do you ask for permission?”
“What if my parents won’t let me?”

We will answer these question.

Showing your parents permission

To get your hair removal done you will definitely need your parents permission.
There are three ways you can show that to the staff when you sign the contract.

How to convince your parents

  1. Take you parents with you to sign the contract
  2. Call your parents when you are signing the contract
  3. Bring an agreement form with your parents signature on it

Let’s take a closer look for each point🔍

①Take your parents with you to sign the contract
Ask your parents to come with you to the salon/clinic. You can listen to the staffs explanation together so it will feel safer.
For people who are far away from a salon/clinic or your parents work all the time, it might not be a realistic plan…

②Call your parents when you are signing the contract
Hair salon or clinics staff with call your parents if they couldn’t come with you.☎️ If you want to sign the contract right away your parents will have to pick up the phone, so you should tell them before hand so they can be sure to pick up the phone.

③Bring a agreement form
There are usually an agreement form on every website, so print it out and get your parents to sign the paper.

you might think it will be ok to ask your friends to sign instead of your parents but it is illegal and if you get caught you will bet punished by imprisonment for less than one year or a fine up to 100,000yen.


To convince your parents…

There are a lot of parents that don’t allow their child to get hair removal done. It is because in the past hair removals costs over 1,000,000yen so for parents they might imagine that their child is signing a expensive contract. Explain the price and plan so that they will understand.

Also there are deals that only cost 100yen so if you start from those deals, they might let you try than a expensive plan.☺️

Here are the deals list for this month!!


A lot of people start worrying about how people see you at this age,
and there are a lot of people who start hair removal treatments but do not forget to talk to your parents!!
Don’t forget to look up different salons/clinics before you sign the contract as well.❣️

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