The reason you have to shave before hair removal treatment.
Why shave?What will happen if you don’t shave?


Before going to get your hair removal done, your HAVE TO shave your legs beforehand.
Not only your legs and arms but also parts that you don’t shave frequently such as your stomach, back and etc.

There are 2 reasons for this.

  1. To prevent from burning skin.
  2. To get the best result.

Here are the details.

To prevent from burning skin

The lazar or light that is used for hair removal reacts to dark pigment.
If you wear a black shirt in summer you will get warmer than a white shirt. This is because black pigment collects light than white pigment.

If you get your hair removal done with you body hair unshaved, the hair will burn on top of your skin which will burn your skin.

When I went to a hair salon with unshaved body hair, I remember that the staff did not catch that hair and did the treatment and it hurt and burned my skin a little.😂

leaving unshaved parts of your body is risky so please shave completely where you are going to get your removals done.

To get the best result

Normally the lazar or light will get to the hair root which will destroy the hair cells and stop from growing however, if you do not shave perfectly it will not reach to the root and it will not give you the best result.

In other words, you will get completely hairless skin if you shave perfectly before the treatment but if you slack off on shaving perfectly, it will take longer to get hairless skin.

If you wonder some parts is not loosing hair than other parts,
it may be because of not shaving perfectly.

To not waste your time and money, don’t forget to shave every part and inch of the parts you are getting your treatment.


Most salons and clinics ask to shave your hair on your own where you can reach.
This is necessary for preventing skin burn and getting the best results.

For those reasons don’t forget to shave perfectly!!💕

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