What to wear on the treatment day
Advice on what to wear and what not to


I shaved my body hair,
I moisturized my body,
I am ready to get my hair removal done!

“Oh wait, what should I wear?”

You might face this small question that you don’t know who to ask.

Here we will you suggest you an outfit that was easy for us when we went to get a treatment.

Clothes easy to take off

If you are having a full body hair removal treatment, you will have to take all of your clothes off and wear paper shorts and a gown. If you wear clothes that is complicated and hard to take off quickly, it might be a waste of time.

Wearing tight clothes will create friction which will cause micro damage to your skin which is not good right before a treatment.

We suggest a button shirt with a flare skirt or a loose dress.👍🏻

Less skin showing

You shouldn’t put sunscreen on the day you will get your treatment.
It will cause pore clogging which is not good because the light or lazar will not react correctly.

Also after the treatment, your skin is very delicate so we highly recommend you to not go out with bare skin. You will be able to put sunscreen after the treatment so you can protect your skin from the sun. But because your skin will be delicate right after the treatment, you should try not to use sunscreen with over SPF 30.

So for the day of your treatment, try to wear clothes that will cover your skin as much as possible. In the summer time when it is hot, we suggest UV cut hoodies or light cardigans. 👍🏻

Choose organic material for your clothes

After the treatment, you skin is so delicate that chemical fiber might irritate your skin.

For example, in the winter there are a lot of underwear that can generate heat but that is not a good solution because the heat will make your skin dry.


This is the important three key points on what to wear👀

  1. clothes easy to take off
  2. clothes that don’t show your skin so much
  3. organic materials

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